Getting Started - Smart Home Products

Getting Started

Creating a smart home can be a daunting task. Let's make it easy : )



We’ll  break it down into a few simple steps:

  • Select the control method that works best for you
  • Purchase compatible devices
  • Install devices & setup

Why Smart Home Products?

We provide no hub required Wi-Fi home automation devices that can be controlled from anywhere through one centralized app. Our devices are IFTTT compatible and can be used with Amazon Alexa & Google Home where applicable.

Before we get started - let's highlight some of the benefits you will reap from automating your home:

  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Control
  • Energy Efficiency


Select the control method that works best for you:

Wifi signal

There are several different options for controlling your smart home. We recommend Wi-Fi home connectivity. This is the simplest of the available options and provides a wide variety of compatible products. Simply purchase devices that utilize Wi-Fi and operate using the same software. As you add more devices, they can be installed and added to work together. Simply download an app (such as Smart Life by Tuya) to control all your devices in one location. The app can be used to power on devices, set schedules, view live video feed, and a number of other actions. Since they are controlled through Wi-Fi, they can communicate with one another to perform actions when certain events happen if desired. For example, as you become more advanced with automation options - you can install the IFTTT app as well. With our IFTTT compatible products, you can have your living room light switch turn on when your phone connects to your home Wi-Fi network if you’d like for example. This is one of the limitless automation possibilities you can create using Smart Home Products devices. Our products can also connect to home hubs such as Google Home & Amazon Alexa where applicable.

There are other connectivity methods and options such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth etc. Z-Wave & Zigbee need a centralized hub that all devices must be compatible with. It typically is more difficult to find devices that can all work together using the same hub for these products. This makes Zigbee & Z-Wave devices more suited for advanced smart home users that have software development knowledge and can tweak their devices to their needs. Lastly, Bluetooth has a short connectivity range and is only applicable for certain items that need to be controlled within a few feet of range.


Purchase compatible devices:

Wifi smart camera

Depending on the control method chosen, you will need to add smart devices that work with whichever method you’ve chosen. There are many different smart home options available. One of the best features of home automation is the ability to simplify your daily life. We recommend starting with a smart door lock, smart light switch, or a smart surveillance camera. 

A smart door lock can be used to provide a temporary password to a guest staying at your home or to bypass the need for keys and use a fingerprint for unlocking. Our door lock provides both of those features along with RFID card unlocking & passcode entry. It is perfect for homeowners, vacation home renters, and apartment owners.

Smart light switches are another great home addition. With smart light switches, you can power on and off your lights from your phone/tablet, through voice control, or manually. These can also be used to schedule lighting so that your lights turn on and off as desired depending on what time and/or day it is. 

A smart surveillance camera can provide peace of mind knowing that your home is safe while your away. You can view live video feed of a desired location during the day or night. Push notifications can be issued as motion is detected if you please so that you are notified the moment movement is detected.


Install the devices & setup

Electrician installer

Installation of smart home devices should be fairly similar to traditional appliances & electronics. There are a few factors to consider during installation & setup, such as connectivity protocol and requirements. Connectivity protocol refers to how your device will communicate to the cloud so that it is “smart”. Our devices use Wi-Fi connectivity protocol and require a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi connection for proper operation. To utilize the Wi-Fi connectivity, install the Smart Life app (available in the iOS and Android Store) for full control. Installation requirements are things that need to be in place for the device to function properly. For example, our smart light switches require a neutral wire to be present to function properly, though this is typically a standard installation requirement for most modern light switches. We provide installation videos on each of our listings to guide you along the installation process. Our products also come with step by step instructions to simplify the setup.

Be Smart. Buy Smart.

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