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What Is IFTTT?

What Is IFTTT?

December 01, 2018

Put simply, IFTTT is a software that enables limitless options in home automation.


IFTTT uses “applets”  which complete a task when a certain condition is met. For example, a condition might be IF your phone connects to wifi THEN turn lights on. It is very simple to use this software to automate a variety of tasks and it is becomingly more universally accepted as the go to for home automation.


Many applets are readily available. Currently there are over 1 billion. Although this seems overwhelming, the software is very good at making relevant recommendations so that you can get your feet wet with whichever applets are most applicable to you.


IFTTT Logo 2


A very powerful combination of IFTTT is using it along with an Amazon Alexa or Google Home. With these smart hubs, there are nearly an infinite amount of automation combinations that can be made. This is especially true when combining a number of different home automation devices that can communicate with one another on the same platform.




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