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What are the Benefits of a Smart Home?

What are the Benefits of a Smart Home?

June 28, 2019

What are the Benefits of a Smart Home?

When you think about it, people have always interacted with their living space in such a way that improves the standard of living. While early humans painted the insides of caves, modern man is obsessed with the role of automation and smart technology.

In fact, smart devices and systems have started to transform the way we live, and this is especially true in the home. In other words, advancements with the internet, automation and smart devices offer an endless lineup of features that can improve the average home and enhance the home-owners lifestyle in the process.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the main benefits of a smart home:


Smart Technology and the Emergence of the Smart Home

In case you might be asking yourself, a smart home consists of systems, appliances and devices that can connect to a common network on which it can be controlled remotely. In other words, a smart home is equipped with various systems and devices that can be controlled by a smartphone or similar device.

But how does this work and why is smart technology suddenly so popular?

When most people think about voice commands at home, they think about checking the weather or other simple tasks such as playing music. However, voice technology can now control and manage endless devices in the home such as cameras, locks, and lighting. What’s more, recent studies show that more than 70% of people who own voice-enabled technology already use this smart technology on a daily basis.

It’s true, the popularity of voice-enabled devices and technology continues to rise at an impressive rate. In fact, one telling report predicts that voice commands will account for half of all online search queries in just 2 years time. As for the reason why, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a smart home:


Advantages and Benefits of a Smart Home

  1. A Smart Home is Convenient

Managing every device in the home from one control point is incredibly useful. For this reason, convenience is an obvious benefit and one of the main reasons why people decide to build a smart home.

In most instances, you can simply download a single app and use this simple interface to control every aspect of your smart home. After a brief learning curve, most users find this process incredibly quick and even satisfying. But that’s just part of the story. You see, with a single smartphone or electronic device, you can even manage these devices from anywhere in the world.

You forgot to turn on the lights at home before going out for the night? Just open up your app.


  1. A Smart Home is Far More Safe and Secure

Security is important to any home-owner and a smart home is far more secure than one without certain features. For example, you can check or lock doors from anywhere and an electronic door also ensures that you will never be locked out.

At the same time, a smart home also enables owners to keep a close eye on surveillance. Whether you have cameras or motion detectors, you can monitor the home from afar and activate sensors, alarms or systems. As if that’s not enough, a smart home can send notifications to the home-owner any time an alert is activated in the home.

casually sitting


  1. New and Existing Smart Devices are Highly Dynamic

Most smart devices are dynamic and can be easily integrated with other smart devices in the home. More specifically, this compatibility is sure to increase as new and improved technology comes on the market.

Either way, the opportunity to integrate new and existing devices can bring together a seamless experience in a smart home. IFTTT devices are a great way to get start with simple integration of devices.


  1. Smart Homes Can Help Make the Most of Appliances

Smart homes can improve the functionality of your existing appliances. As an example, a smart television can locate apps or channels quickly, while a smart audio system can provide a greater overall experience.

What’s more, a smart oven will ensure that you never over-cook any food and all considered, a central control point will make the most of whatever appliances you have in the home. Whether this refers to entertaining guests or making life easier, this can only be seen as a benefit of having a smart home.


  1. An Energy-Efficient Home is Much More Cost Effective

If you manage the settings right, a smart home can make the space a lot more energy-efficient. For instance, you can check or control the central thermostat and receive notifications any time the temperature is above or below your preferred range. On the other hand, lights can be programmed to switch on or off at certain times in the day and when a person leaves or enters a particular room.

With the touch of a smartphone, you have full control of every aspect of your electricity and energy consumption at home. That is to say, an energy-efficient home is always more cost effective than one which does not have access to any of the above smart features.

energy efficient


  1. A Smart Home Brings Peace of Mind and a Healthier Lifestyle

With the previous point in mind, you can use data and insights about your smart home to help lower consumption levels and save money in the process. From a central control point, you can see exactly how the home is operating and monitor certain aspects that seem to be consuming more energy than others.

Believe it or not, this can also help promote a healthier lifetstyle. After all, you can even check the minor details such as how often you use the oven or how much television is being watched on a daily basis. In many ways, this is further proof that a smart home can bring peace of mind and help you pay attention to the smaller things in life, while ensuring the home is safe, secure and energy-efficient.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many benefits to a smart home and voice-technology will only improve in the years ahead. In other words, as consumer awareness and interest grow, more and more tech companies will invest in bigger and better technology. Either way, the smart home industry is on an upward trajectory and one that seems to benefit the end consumer more than anyone else.

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